“Don’t Know (Maybe So)” is a non-narrative gag comic strip written and drawn by Don Sparrow.  An admirer of retro romance comics and daily newspaper strips, Don lovingly satirizes the romance genre, taking poses or phrases from old comics and making something new.  Updated every second Tuesday.

About the author

Don Sparrow is a professional illustrator who trained at the University of Saskatchewan, before moving onto Canada’s prestigious Sheridan College, where he completed a post-graduate course in Advanced Illustration.

Don’s work is a humourous blend of retro warmth with a modern sensibility, lending a timeless feel to his illustration.

He has worked with clients such as NBC Universal, and his work has been featured in many magazines and other publications.

In his spare time, Don writes plays, plays baseball and reads comics. He lives in his prairie home with his loving wife, and their sparkling children.